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We are excited to begin our 2022 Fall Ball session in just over a week and to once again get the opportunity to be together and play lacrosse. It's always fun to see how people have grown over the summer and how skills have developed. Our practices again will be fast-paced, fun and taught by great coaches.


Since everything is more fun with friends, we are having a Friends for Free Fall Ball promotion for the three practices in September. Share the experience by inviting a friend who's never played and introducing them to the fastest game on two feet. Each friend will be able to attend the September fall ball sessions for free. If they begin to love the game like you, then they can enroll for the remaining fall ball sessions at a discounted price.


We will provide basic equipment and the new players can participate however they feel comfortable, from watching practice to diving right into drills.


Our Club's primary mission is to grow the game. By spreading your love of the game to your friends, we can do that together this fall and strengthen our club, our community and our friendships.




‘Friends For Free’ participants simply need to register and then arrive 20 minutes early for their respective age group on any of the Sunday (09/11, 09/18, 09/25) sessions:



  • ·    Location (All Boys Sessions): Sequoia HS, 1201 Brewster Ave, Redwood City, CA 94062 

  • ·    Times/Dates​

    • Boys 14U (7th & 8th Grade):​ 8-9:30AM

    • Boys 12U (5th & 6th Grade): 8:30-10AM 

    • Boys 10U (3rd & 4th Grade) : 10-11:30AM 

    • Boys 8U (1st & 2nd Grade): 11:30-1PM 


  • ·    Location (All Girls Sessions): Woodside High School, 199 Churchill Ave, Woodside, CA 94062 

  • ·    Times/Dates​

    • Girls 14U (7th & 8th Grade):​ 9-10:30AM 

    • Girls 12U (5th & 6th Grade): 9-10:30AM 

    • Girls 10U (3rd & 4th Grade): 10:30-12PM 

    • Girls 8U (1st & 2nd Grade): 10:30-12PM 


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