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is at our Core


Fun, Inclusiveness, Respect, Effort


How We Coach

Honor the Game

Fundamentals First, Last and all the Time Between

Stick Skills are Critical

Lacrosse IQ is Critical

Lacrosse Must be Fun

Teach them to Play rather than Plays

Player Development Trumps Wins Every Time

Our approach to coaching is based on developing the entire person.  We want our players to become better lacrosse players but we also believe the primary goals of sport should be to have fun and teach life lessons.


In everything we do with the game we strive to teach our players both the How and Why of what they are learning on the field.  The how is obvious and fundamental in all forms of coaching.  The why however is what opens doors to a better understanding of the game and offers the gateway to creativity on the field.


How We Play

We Work Hard

We Play Fast

We Honor the Game

We Have Fun

We Love Lacrosse

Every day of practice is dedicated to making this a reality.  A good practice provides players with a safe space to make mistakes.  Players should be willing to fail and feel safe taking chance as it is the only way to reach new heights.


We always work on a progression both from segment to segment within a session and from session to session throughout the season.  Crawl before you walk but as soon as you can walk, lets work on how you run.  We believe that whether you are a relatively new player or a college All American, sound fundamental skills are the key to success.

We Give Back to the Community

We believe giving back to the sport and the community is important on multiple levels. Each year we raise approximately $10,000 and give it all away to charities including Native Vision, Lacrosse for LIFE, the Todd French Foundation, and the Oakland Lacrosse Club.  We have also done environmental clean ups, planted a Redwood tree at Sequoia HS, and provided gifts to the homeless during the Holidays. Supporting our community and teaching our players the importance of philanthropy is something we take a great of pride in and consider central to what we do.

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