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Welcome to registration for Firehawks Lacrosse, Spring Season 2019 


Only parents, legal guardians or persons 18 years of age or older can enter information for this program. If you are not at least 18 years old and you wish to register, you will need to have a parent or guardian fill in the following forms.

We have switched to Team Snap for our registration so the forms will look a little different from the past.  This change will mean that everyone gets loaded directly into Team Snap for in season notifications and communications making the overall process easier to manage.

Every player is required to have a US Lacrosse number that is valid until 6/31/2019. This is required by the league in order for your player to have insurance. Please have your US Lacrosse membership number and expiration date handy when you register for Firehawks.  You can get this information from  If you have an issue retrieving your player’s US Lacrosse number and expiration date, please contact the US Lacrosse Customer Support Center at 410-235-6882 #102.  The Firehawks have no ability to check membership information.

During the registration process you will be asked to serve in a volunteer roll with the club. The buyout option is available at $500 per child. Having parent Volunteers is critical to the clubs operation particularly on game-days.  This does not apply to Firestarters

Refund Policy:  50% of payment is refundable through December 15 when we officially declare our teams for the NCJLA season and set our Fire League Teams for spring 2019.  After December 15, 2018 all payments are non refundable.

Below is an age group chart for this year.  Please be sure to register your child in the correct age group.  If there is a unique situation and your child needs to play up or down in age group please let us know ASAP.  


Note that the chart is for single year divisions, we combine ages in the NCJLA so:


7U & 8U are both in 8U

9U & 10U are both in 10U

11U & 12U are both in 12U

13U &14U  are both in 14U

Firestarters is 6U

Playing "UP" would be playing in the age group older than where this chart places you.  Playing "Down" would be playing in the age group younger than where this chart places you.  This should not be the case for the large majority of our players but does happen in some special situations.  If you feel your child needs to play out of his/her "natural" age group please drop us a note at as you will not be able to check out with your child in the wrong age group.

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 6.54.07 AM.png

FOR NCJLA PLAYERS ONLY:   We are required to filed a petition with the league for NEW players from outside our boundaries who wish to play with the Firehawks or players transferring to the Firehawks from another club.  If you have played with us before you fine regardless of where you live.  There is a list of Zip codes in registration, please mark the appropriate one.  If you are a new player and state that you are from outside the area we will follow up with you about petitioning the league. For Firestarter and  FireLeague Only player it does not matter where you live.

We understand that the registration fee can be a burden on some families.  We have payment plans as well as scholarship opportunities for those with need.  Please reach out to us if you need assistance.  A payment plan option (5 payments through the spring) is included in registration, Scholarships are handled on an individual basis.  Our goal is to make lacrosse accessible to as many people as possible and we strive to avoid situations where cost prevents a child from playing our game.


We will take orders after registration is complete.  We will also have a Team Store for folks to order other Firehawks Gear.

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