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This page will list the best options for new players to get a solid start in lacrosse and prepare to play in our spring competitive season.

Ages 4 and 5:  

Our Firestarters program is specifically for New Players and folks are welcome to join at any point in the season.  We offer 3 Firestarters Programs each year (Fall, Winter, Spring)

Click Here For More Info

Ages 6 and 7:  

Our 8U program has both newcomers and players with 1-3 years experience.    We offer 3 8U Programs each year (Fall, Winter, Spring).  Players of all skill levels should feel free to join us and will quickly get up to speed with other players.

Current Open Boys Program Here

Current Open Girls Program Here

Ages 8-14:  

Our 10U, 12U and 14U programs will always have new players but also include some of the top players in the region.  Our Fall/Winter programs are based on core skills and players of all skill levels will be able to participate and learn the game quickly.  In the spring we will be offering a "Peninsula Games Only" program that allows new/newer players to enjoy the game, get up to speed quickly and stay on the Peninsula to compete against other local clubs (our more experienced players travel up to 2/2.5 hours for games in the Spring).   

Current Open Boys Program Here

Current Open Girls Program Here

Private Lessons:  

For new players a few private sessions with a coach can be great for both skills and confidence.  Ryan Sage does a great job with youngsters and can be reached via email HERE  


First and foremost all lacrosse players should own their own stick.  We give all of our Firestarters a stick on the first day of practice.  All other players should purchase one locally or online.  

Players at the 8U-14U level will need full equipment including:  

Helmet, Gloves, Arm Pads, Shoulder Pads, Mouthpiece, Protective Cup, Cleats

We recommend SlingIt Lacrosse In Belmont for all your lacrosse needs.  They are experienced lacrosse folks and can help you find the right gear for your player.

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